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Kaus & Whitestone, Inc T/A Dominion Aquatics was founded in 1955 by Dave Kaus and Julian S. Whitestone. We are the oldest continuing swimming pool management company in Northern Virginia. We started as a pool management company and have since grown to a full service company. In addition to pool management, we now handle pool repairs, renovation, equipment, chemicals and supplies.

Dominion Aquatics realizes that a company of our type would not be necessary or useful if you had the time or the desire to devote to the daily operation of your pool.  A pool management company must offer competent operations, so that the everyday problems inherent in commercial pool operations can be overcome.  We can keep you from unnecessarily being burdened with such issues.

 Your Pool. Our Reputation.

Since our inception, safety has always been our first concern and our guards' number one responsibility. Each of our pools is assigned a pool manager and each manager is assigned to an Area Supervisor. Our supervisors have been trained to recognize potential problems and take the appropriate measures early to avoid any disturbance in the pool operation. Communication is paramount for a good, trouble free summer in pool management. Typically, our supervisors visit each pool at least twice a week for routine supervision and are instructed to stop in the property management office to report any findings and address any of your concerns.

Even though your pool supervisor should act as your first channel of communication with our office; our management offices are open 7 days per week in the summer and we always welcome your call.

We carry $5,000,000.00 in liability insurance and offer very reasonable contract payment schedules. With a list of references a mile long, let Dominion Aquatics handle your pool management and repair needs.

Dominion Aquatics offers you the quiet, competent pool management services you need to make your summer pleasant and trouble free. We welcome the challenge to serve you in this way.

Call Paul or Dave in commercial Accounts at 703/866-0081 today or feel free to e-mail us.

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