Dominion Aquatics was founded in 1955. Over the years, we have experienced most of the ups and downs that a pool management company can experience. Collectively, we have seen most anything one might expect to see in our type of business, and perhaps much of the unexpected.

We have drawn upon our experience and have developed a handbook in an attempt to try to help you do a better job and to make the job as easy as possible for everyone.

In an attempt to better serve our properties,  GUARDLIFE is a newsletter published by Dominion Aquatics and distributed to our lifeguards bi-weekly on pay day . In this newsletter, we discuss new company policy, standards of conduct, offer suggestions to make the job more enjoyable, share unusual situations that have happened as well as other interesting and relevant developments during the previous two week period, as well as singling out outstanding employees.

As a professional swimming pool management company, Dominion Aquatics is concerned with our and the image of our guards. Beyond a specific code of conduct, we also require our guards to maintain a clean, neat and professional appearance at ALL times. Please check our  guard apparel page for prices and to place your order.

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